For more than 40 years, award-winning company NSI has been at the forefront of research, development and manufacturing of innovative products for the professional nail industry worldwide including Malta.


Guaranteed individual attention, professional and internationally recognised certificates and quality nail products are what NSI International offers. Having already started a career as a nail tech in 2002, it was for these reasons that Stephanie Pace Caruana, Malta's very own NSI representative, chose to become part of NSI back in 2005.


Fully qualified as an NSI Educational Consultant (2005) and as an NSI Educational Specialist (2013), Stephanie was one of the first on the Maltese Islands to start offering nail technician courses and to start distributing nail products. Besides the traditional courses, NSI Malta also offers ongoing education by organising local seminars and webinars (online seminars) as well as regular open weekends with various special offers and new technique demonstrations. As representatives and distributors of NSI products, product pricing is kept constant and at a minimum with bi-monthly deals also on offer.


NSI is one of the most complete brands in the industry and the NSI Certifications and Qualifications are internationally recognised offering the professional nail technician a wide range of high quality Balance Gels, easy working Acrylic Liquid and Powder Systems both in its traditional form as well as in a SPA odourless form. NSI also offers all other professional products and implements that a nail technician would need to excel in one's work.

The Early Years



NSI's parent company was incorporated in 1955. Dr Frederick A. Slack Jr., a leader in prosthetic dentistry and one of the original developers of the process for manufacturing plastic teeth, started his own dental products research, development and manufacturing.  A couple of years later, Dr Slack cut his thumb nail while working in the laboratory. Using aluminium foil, he created a platform to fix the nail with dental acrylic which would lead to the patent of the industry’s first nail form.


NSI's parent company spent the next decade developing and manufacturing many of the first professional dental products, which would prove to be the building blocks for today's nail enhancement industry. In 1970, NSI's parent company, lead by Frederick Slack 111,  began to create acrylic and UV gel products for the nail industry and became a leading private label manufacturer for the industry's first branded companies.

The 21st Century



2001 saw the introduction of the current logo which  is more indicative of the beauty industry with its flowing lines and feminine colour whereas 2003 was the year that NSI held its first Global Meeting for International Distributors. Over 15 distributors form around the world came together for training on the NSI professional product line. Marketing  and sales strategies for global success ere discussed and distributors left excited and motivated about the future of NSI. It was also the year NSI created the user-friendly Balance UV Gel System.


In 2005, NSI utilised the latest in acrylic nail technology and created their Attraction Acrylic System of Liquid, Powder and Acid-Free Nail Primer. Attraction quickly became NSI's best-selling acrylic system. Standing out at the Premiere Beauty Show in 2006, NSI took another leap into the 21st century with the launch of their redesigned website in 2008 followed by the launch of the new line of soak-off UV nail gels in May 2009.

The 90s



Another revolutionary first for NSI came in 1993 with the launch of Thermoshield, the industry's first heat activated polish sealant which eliminated the need for clients to wait around while their polish dried. Three minutes under a 60W light bulb was all that was required. Spurred by the success of Thermoshield, NSI created an air-dry version, Airshield, in 1995 which allowed polish to be bone-dry in 3 minutes without any additional equipment.


The next couple of years saw the creation and patent of Polyflex, a high-impact vinyl used for the Elation Nail Tips and the launch of Line Out, the industry's first fill-line eraser. French Fin Nail Tips were created and patented in 1999, the same year that NSI's efforts to build business overseas paid off with the signing of  two important distributor agreements overseas. This was the beginning of business relationships with NSI UK and NSI Africa, two of the largest distributors to date.

Late 80s  Early 90s



In 1987, Fred Slack and his son Rick incorporated Nail Systems with the launch of Secrets, the industry's first odourless liquid/powder acrylic system. This was followed with the launch of Light Fantastic, the industry's first odourless, light-cured acrylic, a couple of years later. It revolutionised the nail industry by blending acrylic and gel enhancement techniques.


1991 saw the change in company name to NSI (Nail Systems International) due to exclusive distribution contracts overseas. Under the company's new name, standard and fast-setting TNT powders were launched, the industry's first fiberglass-reinforced polymers which were later to be renamed Choice Acrylic System. The following year, NSI entered the UV Gel Market with Light Fantastic Gel System and also launched Perma Gloss, the industry's first UV-cured sealant for acrylics. Lasting over 3 weeks, which was unheard of at the time, Perma Gloss is today used on all types of enhancements including gels and wraps.